About Holly's Sleepy Heads

I am a mother of 3 (4 if you count my husband!) who LOVES to crochet.

I am self taught and I can't get enough of it! 

So why Sleepy Heads? Putting my daughter down for naps started becoming a real challenge. She is so full of energy and always wants to know what's going on. I tried so many different things and none of them worked. One day i told her that her baby doll was taking a nap and she should snuggle with her. But my daughter is too smart some days. She knows that when you sleep your eyes are closed! So I looked though ALL the dolls and stuffed animals we had, and guess what, they were all wide awake! I  found a pattern for a doll and make it look like it was sleeping. She now calls it her "sleepy baby" and she always keeps it in her bed waiting for her to snuggle at nap and bed time! I couldn't believe it worked! I thought to myself, I know I'm not the only parent with a child that refuses naps, I should offer these to other people in hopes it works for them too! And so Holly's Sleepy heads was born! 

I didn't stop at the sleepy head dolls, the iconic doughnut used in my logo is another customer favourite as well as the octopus for preemies.

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I love making imaginations a reality. From practical every day use, toys to play with or just outsmarting your kid to get them to nap! I love being able to make your imagination a reality! 

I hope you enjoy my products as much as i enjoy making them!


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